Friday, July 11, 2008


I am totally a creature of habit. When I find something that works for me, I repeat it. Over, and over. For this reason I have a rotation of 3 breakfasts and I choose between them based on what my day entails. Luckily they are all healthy and delicious.
1) Banana Oatmeal for days that I don't have anything going on in the morning and I have plenty of time to make and eat breakfast.
2) Cold Cereal when I am off to morning yoga or planning a run early in the day.
3) Yogurt mix for days that I am working and/or won't be eating lunch until much later and need a solid breakfast that will hold me over for a long time.

In my yogurt mix I put together: Fage, a pear (usually red because they're my favorite but the grocery store was all out! gasp!) fiber one, and some flax.

This is seriously the perfect, nutritionally balanced meal. The protein from the yogurt, fiber from fruit and cereal, and fat from the flax keep me full and energized for hours!

Here we have it all mixed up alongside my mandatory cup of coffee (the first of many today, I have a feeling):

Happy Friday!
Too bad in the life of a retail worker, weekends don't exist : (


Simple and Divine said...

WOW, SO nutritionally well- balanced! Way to go, Sar! Have a great day even if it's not a "weekend" starter day for ya!

Jenn said...

Sounds like a fabulous combination! Too bad the store was all out of red pears!!

Christinia said...

Hi, in your post you mention yoga. I was wondering how long you have been practicing and what type of yoga you do and how often? Do you do yoga in conjunction with other exercise. I hate weight training but would like to gain some definition and muscle mass (I am very small an really would like to gain some arms mass, flatten my belly, and shape up). I know there are mixed views as to whether yoga actually provides sufficient weight training benefits and was wondering what you have found. If you prefer you can email me at:

Christinia said...

Sorry I have one other question to add. I keep trying to like plain yogurt because I hate stoneyfield and really would like to convert form the artificially sweetened yoplait I love. I have tried fage with honey, with jam but something about it's thickness grosses me out. Plain seems so tarte. did you always like plain yogurt? If not, how did you adjust?

Are there two bloggers on this blog? It seems like one, but says there are two authors. Thanks again.

Sarah said...


1. I've been doing yoga for about a year and a half. I usually take a "power yoga" or "vigorous flow" class which is fast paced with lots of vinyasas. It is definitely a good workout. I try to take an Ashtanga class once every week or every other week. I aim to do yoga around 4 days a week (more if my schedule allows for it). I do cardio often as well, usually 4 days a week too (so sometimes yoga and cardio do overlap). I do not weight train and have noticed a HUGE improvement in my muscle tone from doing yoga. I have definitely firmed up.

2. At first I wasn't crazy about the plain yogurt taste, and had to add something to do (usually splenda packets or sf jelly) but eventually my taste buds adjusted and now I love it! The other stuff just tastes so artificial to me. I rarely eat Greek yogurt plain though, it's always mixed with fruit or cereal. I've found that Trader Joe's brand of plain greek yogurt is a little less thick than Fage, so maybe try that out. Also, Whole Foods plain nonfat yogurt is the best that I've tried, I don't think it's as tart as some of the other brands.

3) The blog started out with me and my friend swapping recipes with each other but she is currently abroad in Thailand for the summer, so I've sort of taken over and made it my own : ) When she comes back to the US she'll probably start posting again.

Thanks for reading!