Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No Complaints

First of all, breakfast was a success! My wheatberry/cereal mix lasted me throughout all of yoga (without feeling too stuffed and uncomfortable) and well through the morning. I didn't get hungry for lunch until 1:00ish, a good 5.5 hours after breakfast. This will definitely become a staple in my breakfast choices.

When I was ready for lunch though the hunger hit, and fast. I didn't feel like making anything time consuming so I settled for one of my favorite go-to meals: tuna. I buy those little tuna in a pouch things and I love them. You don't even need to drain it, just tear open the pouch and you're good to go. Tuna is great because its loaded with protein and you get a good amount of food for the calories. I like to mix in dijon mustard, lots of veggies, and curry powder. Yum, yum. 

Also, I found the absolute BEST apple at Whole Foods. It's called a Jazz apple and I think it's from Australia or New Zealand or something. Unfortunately the only place I have found them is at WF, so I guess i'll have to be going there more often. These apples are similar to Gala but SO much better. They are really juicy and incredibly sweet---it's like eating candy!

This afternoon after I rode my exercise bike for a while I was hungry for a snack. I wanted something light and refreshing so I had some strawberries, a peach, and plain, nonfat yogurt. This yogurt is WF brand and it is a million times better than Dannon. I don't know what it is about it but it is so creamy and smooth, and not quite as tangy as other plain yogurts. DELICIOUS.

Now this is what I was looking forward to all day:

Leftover Quinoa Risotto. This is seriously out-of-this-world amazing, even the next day. Luckily I was eating alone tonight so I could lick the plate without any judgement : )

Today was definitely one of my best food days in a while, everything I had was amazing and I really have no complaints. 


Jenn said...

Don't you just love those days where you feel like everything you ate was perfect? I try to have those days as much as possible!!

I tried wheatberries for the first time this morning - WOW! I'm hoping they will keep me full as long as they did you. They were so chewy and delicious, I'd have them every day if I could!

P.S. I think that Better 'n Peanut Butter would be awesome for baking - or smoothies! Yum!

Mmm...that apple looks really good! There is definitely nothing wrong with having an excuse to go to Whole Foods more often ;o)

Anonymous said...

Don't be ashamed, I always lick the bowl with or without judgement. However, today I noticed that there was ketchup on my chin approximately 4 hours after I ate anything involving ketchup. Embarrassing? Maybe, but I think we both know that it was probably worth it.

Anonymous said...