Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Diet desserts suck. End of story. I mean, how many years of trying to make "healthy" brownies will it take me to learn? Apparently at least 3. 

Ok, seriously though, I'm done making these fake desserts. With you all as my witnesses, from now on, if I want to bake something yummy and satisfying, it will be something that is actually yummy and satisfying. Not fat-free, sugar-free brownies. I won't even provide the link to these because I feel bad trashing someone's healthy blog ideas, but enough is enough. 

I am ALL for cooking better (I mean seriously why would anyone ever need to sautee an onion in 2 sticks of butter???) but for baking, you need some fat and sugar to make it good. I always end up making these desserts, and either eating 5x the amount necessary, or needing to eat something else to quell my sweet tooth. 

Dessert should be decadent, something you savor and drool over. So from now on, that's what I'll do.

So un-gooey and non-fudgy : (

On a MUCH happier note:

Wheatberry Oatmeal. Holy crap, this stuff is like crack. Or at least what I imagine crack would be like. I am OBSESSED. And it is unbelievably filling, I finished eating ages ago and am still a little uncomfortably full. If I was actually listening to my body I would have stopped eating halfway through the bowl but that would be blasphemy.

And to make this amazing-ness even better, this morning I melted in my Adora dark chocolate calcium supplement. Dark Chocolate Banana Wheatberry Oatmeal=heaven. 

And I just drooled on my computer, a little bit.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the brownies - they look good tho... :/

Anonymous said...

A hearty amen to that! Real dessert, reasonable portions, some of the time. Diet desserts stink.

Of course, I still make them every now and then and wonder why they taste like plastic...

Fitnessista said...

I totally agree with the diet desserts-- they NEVER taste right. And the whole time I'm eating one, I just wish it would turn into the real thing. It's much more satisfying to just have a few bites of the sugary, butter, gooey original :)

Aliza said...

Haha you're crazy, and I'm trying your oatmeal recipe as SOON as I get back!!