Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yummy Weekend!

This weekend has just been full of amazing food. Weekends are always nice because my mom is home and does a lot of the cooking. This worked out fabulously last night because when I got home from working an 8-hr on my feet day, I was NOT in the mood to cook. Fortunately my mom was in the mood and dinner was on the table within 10 minutes of my arrival. 

We had picked up Tilapia when we were at Whole Foods the day before (WF=my favorite place on earth, more or less). For dinner it was coated with parmesan and bread crumbs. Fish can be tricky to cook because it's hard to get it the perfect "doneness" but this was a success. It wasn't over or undercooked, and was so flaky and flavorful. Delicious! The fish was served with whole-wheat couscous with raisins, and a yummy arugula and white bean dish made with tons of garlic. This was really flavorful as well. The couscous was nothing special, but overall dinner was great.

Today for lunch we decided on pizza! We made a whole wheat dough in our bread machine. The recipe made 2 doughs, so here is one:

and the other is in the freezer for another day.

The pizza toppings included carmelized onions with curry and balsamic vinegar, a bosc pear, and brie cheese. Here it is before going into the oven for 20 minutes at 400*

And after:

It was seriously amazing. The flavors were so great. It was really sweet from the pears and carmelized onions, and the brie was very creamy and melty. The curry wasn't overpowering but was a really nice background flavor and gave it a little something special. We couldn't stop making "mmmm" noises the entire meal. Afterward we tried thinking about whether there was anything we would add/change for next time, and we couldn't come up with anything. It was perfect!

To go with our pizza, I made a delicious, fresh, colorful salad. It's full of lots of good fruits and veggies. I really love adding fruit to my salads, I think it just makes it so light and summer-y.

Finally, I tried WHEATBERRIES!!! for the first time. I had been hearing rave reviews about them, especially from Kath's blog

I soaked them overnight and then cooked them while I was working out this morning. It was perfect timing and they were ready just in time for my breakfast.

I added some of the wheatberries to my oatmeal and it was fantastic. I had thought that my oatmeal was already the absolutely perfect dish, but I was wrong. NOW it is perfect. The wheatberries added such a great chew and made the oatmeal even more satisfying. Rather than being just creamy wonderfulness with pillows of bananas, now it is all that PLUS chewiness. Amazing. I don't think I will ever be able to go back to regular oats again (and lord knows I will NEVER EVER resort to instant again...) I cut down on the amount of dry oats that I use by half to allow for the wheatberries, and honestly this kept me fuller for longer than usual. And I also think that the wheatberries slowed me down in eating. Usually I gulp/slurp down my food, and oatmeal is no exception, especially since it is so creamy and liquidy. The chew from the wheatberries helped with this. 

So in summary. Wheatberries = SUCCESS!


Danielle said...

Definitely looks like a yummy weekend to me! I really want to try wheatberries as soon as I can, I've only heard amazing things!

Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way! It's nice to hear from new readers especially ones that know what it's like to eat (and be, haha) abroad! I actually bought the peanut butter at the grocery store, it was expensive in Ecuadorian terms ($4.20) and I bought a South American brand. It actually worked out well because there's only 2 ingredients, peanuts & salt, and it was cheaper in comparison to the embarassing American excuses for PB like Peter Pan and Jiff. Ew! Thus :) I'm enjoying it and it's definitely a comfort thing.

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic pizza creation - love the addition of pears to it!!

arielle said...

You are making me hungry for dinner already.

Aimee said...


I'm so happy you found my blog. I live in Allison Park 2 minutes from North Park. I belong to the Downtown YMCA which is where I do spin. I actually had a guest pass to the River's Club a couple weeks ago, but didn't get to try a spin class there. My firm has a great deal with the River's Club and I still may end up joining there. I'll keep you posted b/c we could be gym buddies :)

I haven't taken Yoga since college, but I think Pilates is different because while Yoga is more focused on stretching and relaxation, the moves in Pilates are good for strengthening and lengthening your muscles. If Pilates is done correctly it really tightens your abs. I take it at CCAC North Campus.

Once I add a blog roll to my blog, can I add you?

Jenn said...

Yummy weekend, indeed! I love the colorful salad - and those wheatberries look SO GOOD in your oatmeal! I really need to use the ones I bought months ago already!