Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chocolate for Your Health

As we all know, I LOVE chocolate. Especially dark chocolate. So when I found out about these dark chocolate calcium supplements I got really excited. They're called Adora discs and I buy them at Whole Foods. I know that I don't get enough calcium, so I could just take a calcium vitamin supplement, but where is the fun in that when I could have a little dark chocolate disc of heaven. And I can't even feel guilty about eating them because they're good for me. And they taste delicious.

Oh yeah, and see that band-aid. I blame Giada di Laurentis. See I was at this foodie store a while ago in search of a new knife since ours was so dull it couldn't cut a banana and the saleswomen showed me the sleek, lightweight, pretty knife that Giada uses. Well Giada not only is beautiful and makes delicious food, and I wish I was her, so I bought it. Let's just say that my knife skills are not up to par. Kids---do not believe everything you see on TV. Just because Giada can chop an onion in 2 seconds flat with this knife does not mean you should try to imitate her crazy knife-wielding skills. I should have known something was fishy with her---I mean look at the food she makes and supposedly eats, and look at her--she can't weigh even 83 lbs. That should have aroused my suspicious.

So yes, disaster struck. And lots of blood. I hate blood. And it really hurt. I probably should have inspected the wound, possibly gone in for stitches, but I was too scared and didn't want to pass out so I just wrapped it with a million band-aids to cut off the circulation and prayed for the best. It eventually stopped bleeding, and hasn't fallen off yet, so that's got to be a good sign.

And finally, on a completely unrelated note.
Remember when we first took that intro to yoga class with that strange old man and I couldn't even touch my toes. Well look what I can do now!: 
Yeah, I finally managed headstand in class tonight and immediately went home to show-off. After a few failed attempts, we had success. Lovely picture right? I'm especially fond of my no-pack stomach that I'm showing off, as well as my grey (gray?) underwear.

And I swear this is much harder than it looks! Go try it so that you can appreciate me a little more.

Ok, off to bed because 1) I'm lame and 11:00 is actually past my bedtime. 2) I have to work all day tomorrow. Faking a smile and telling middle-aged women how lovely they look in seersucker is also harder than it looks.

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