Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I <3 Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes may be my absolute favorite food ever. They are just so freaking good. 

Since tonight is Marni's last night home before she leaves for 2 weeks in Italy I decided to make a vegetarian meal so that my sister could actually eat with us for once. I could have done something creative with tempeh or seitan but seeing as my finger incident occurred while making a tofu dinner (which actually was really amazingly delicious) I'm holding a little bit of a grudge and decided to just keep this simple.

The result: Sweet Potato and Spinach Scramble. 
So easy: sweet potato, egg beater, onion, garlic, frozen spinach, and some seasonings.

Sometimes nice, simple comfort food is all you really need.


Runeatrepeat said...

I never do anything "with" sweet potatoes, I just eat them plain (with butter and salt). Using them in a recipe sounds so good!

Aliza said...

I totally agree...we think of regular potatoes as so versatile...why not sweet ones? That looks so yummy.