Tuesday, June 17, 2008


First post! Exciting stuff. 

So in my perusing different food websites and blogs, I came across some vegan ones. Now I am in no way a vegan (or vegetarian) nor will I ever be one (life without salmon and steak=not a life worth living...) but I did remember how Julia doesn't eat eggs and as a result unfortunately misses out on some of the wonderful desserts we make. So when I came across some vegan (=no egg) recipes a decided to try one out. Not only does this chocolate chip cookie have no eggs, but no butter either. A healthy cookie! Of course I wanted to try it out.

The recipe says that it makes 8-10 large cookies, but I wasn't paying much attention when I was putting them on the pan and ended up with 12 medium ones.

Mehh. These were alright. Obviously eatable due to the chocolate chips. And the maple syrup was a nice addition, but cookies without butter = non-buttery cookies. Duh. I should have thought that through. They just didn't have that flakey buttery goodness that one expects and deserves from a chocolate chip cookie. But I guess they are healthier so I suppose it's a trade-off. I doubt I would make these again though.

Sad that my first blog-post wasn't a raving success. But there's still dinner tonight to look forward to : )

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