Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tweaking the leftovers.

One thing I always run into is what to do with leftovers. Sure, its great to have a total repeat meal (plus it requires NO work, if its one of those nights) but I usually try to use what I have to make a completely new dish. Last night, for example, I had quite a lot of smoked almond-romesco sauce left over from my tuna dish, and no idea how I would eat it all (which had to happen, I HATE wasting food). After sauteing a few mushrooms and adding the sauce, I poured it over fresh lemon-pepper pasta. With a handful of freshly grated cheese on top, it was great! And super easy. What more could you ask for?

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Sarah said...

lemon-pepper pasta! yum! what brand is it?

I have the same problem with leftovers---I hate wasting food but I always want to try something new. Usually I try to push them off on my dad. Haha