Monday, June 30, 2008

Surf and Turf

Ok, first of all let's all be glad that I'm not a contestant on "Next Food Network Star" because last night they were yelled at about how words like "amazing and delicious" are not good enough to land you a TV show. Seeing as all my descriptions go some like "I LOVE (insert food) this was just so amazing. It tasted delicious!" I'm pretty sure I would be booted off within the first 5 minutes. But since I'm NOT a contestant I'll gladly continue sharing my amazing and delicious kitchen creations with you.

Last night was Black Bean, Corn, and Shrimp Salad it was so good! Really light and refreshing. The fresh cilantro and lime juice along with the crunch from the corn (we used corn on the cob instead of canned) and other fresh veggies, it was the perfect summer meal. All the ingredients are so fresh and healthy that this is a meal you can really feel good about eating. Also, if you omit the shrimp it would make a really delicious side dish to bring to a picnic (served cold and with no mayo, it would really hold up well)

Tonight for dinner was Orange Beef with Peppers from my Good Housekeeping cookbook. Ehh, it was alright. My parents thought it was really good but I wasn't overly impressed. I mean it was definitely edible but I thought it was sort of bland. Basically it was top round steak marinated in soy sauce. Then sautéed with red peppers, green onions, and oranges. Then a sauce of orange juice, orange zest (if I make this again I would add a LOT more of this---it really gave it some flavor but not nearly enough), corn starch, and ginger was added to thicken the dish. It was served over baby arugula and we enjoyed it with a side of broccoli. 

Both meals were really colorful and vibrant, and smelled great. I think that is such a huge part of enjoying a meal. I've really started focusing more on food presentation and this blog is a great way to force me to do this. My next task is to SLOW DOWN when I'm eating. I seriously devour my food and then am always so sad when it's all gone. Sometimes I eat so fast that I don't even know what it tastes like! 


arielle said...

Oh, I'm glad you liked it! It's one of my favorites.

Rose said...

That salad looks great! I'm excited to try it sometime...