Friday, June 27, 2008

Fridge inventory.

MMM. I couldn't agree more with your sweet potato assessment, they really are amazing! That chicken looks pretty good to, another thing to add to the "must try" list. So much to cook, so little time!

So last night we hardly had any food in the house, as we just got back from vacation. Something had to be done about dinner though, obviously, so I threw together what turned out to be a pretty yummy affair. I found some fresh lemon pepper pasta I had in the freezer (I never used to get fresh pasta, but I almost swear by it now, its really great), so I cooked that up. Then I heated some olive oil (EVOO as Rachel Ray says in that annoying voice AH) in a medium frying pan, added some minced garlic, crushed, halved cherry tomatoes, and the juice of 1/2 lemon and sauteed that for a few minutes. Then I added a few pieces of chopped basil and a few handfuls of fresh spinach, let it cook for a few more minutes, and dupped it in with the pasta. After a generous smattering of parmesan, salt, and pepper, it was all set. I had put some asparagus up on the grill (with just a smidge of olive oil, s&p) so that was added to the plates as well. It turned out to be really good, I must say, and it was more than easy. And it was made from stuff already in the fridge! Always a plus.

Dessert was obviously part of this picture as well. As it had been a stressful day, I figured something insanely chocolatey would be necessary. So I made "supernatural" brownies, from a New York Times recipe I had cut out of the paper a while ago
They were amazing! I of course added atleast a cup of chocolate chips (and omitted the walnuts, but I'm sure they would have only added to the glory). Needless to say, these were the perfect remedy to a hectic day, but I should warn you: if you plan to eat less than 3, you had better be well armed.


Aliza said...

Whoops! I forgot to mention that I added a handful of toasted pine nuts to the pasta. They added a lot to the dish and balanced out the acidic flavors of the lemon and tomato.

Sarah said...

i just looked at the recipe and seriously laughed out loud:

"For best flavor, bake 1 day before serving, let cool and store, tightly wrapped."

hahahahah, if you paid me a million dollars I still don't think I would be able to bake a batch of gooey chocolate delicious brownies and smell and look at them longingly for an entire day before trying one.

Please tell me you don't have this kind of willpower either and it's not just me that's the chocolate-obsessed, no self-control brownie lover.

Aliza said...

Are you kidding?? No way. My mom and I devoured about 1/3 of the batch in one night. They ARE good the next day, no denying it, but fresh out of the oven? No beating that.