Thursday, June 19, 2008

Product Review: Rising Moon Ravioli

A few weeks ago my mom and I saw some frozen ravioli at Whole Foods so we grabbed it, stuck it in the freezer and sort of forgot about it. Well today I worked all day and then went to a 645-830 ashtanga yoga class which kicked my butt. Needless to say, I had no time to cook dinner. I knew that I would want something fast when I got home at 9 because I would be starving and would want food fast.

Rising Moon: Basil Pesto, Asiago Cheese, and Pine Nut ravioli to the rescue. 

My mom got home about 20 minutes before I did and put dinner together for me. What a great mom : )

Beautiful salad:


Review: It was pretty good, not a ton of flavor, but just so convenient. I would give it a 3. There are tons of flavors so I will definitely buy this again to try some more out. Also it will be so nice to have next year at school when I want something fast and easy, and pretty yummy.

Oh, and then I had this:

Gin and Tonics are my favorite drink ever. I know I'm weird. Everyone tells me this is an old-man drink, but I think it's just so good and refreshing. So now I'm sipping this while watching Next Food Network Star and blogging. Life is good : ) And soon I'm sure I'll pass out in my cozy bed because not only am I old-man, but I'm a complete lightweight.



Aliza said...

Haha you ARE my soul mate. I, too, love gin and tonics (and needless to say, am a huge light weight). That meal looks delicious, and so convenient. I LOVE ravioli...they used to carry this amazing kind at cosco...smoked mozzerella and artichokes, or something like that, but they don't have it anymore puhpoo.

Totie said...

Interesting to know.